Gainesville GA Court Reporting services from Appalachian Court Reporting

Gainesville, GA Court Reporters that are knowledgeable and reliable.
Appalachian Court Reporting has been proudly serving the Gainesville/Hall County area for the past 20 years providing professional, dependable, reliable, accurate reporters equipped with the latest in technology at competitive rates. Our reporters hold state and national certifications, and our videographers are all nationally certified.  We handle all types of litigation, including many highly technical civil cases with expert witnesses in both the deposition setting as well as in the courtroom.   Please give us a call at 770.540.9832 or 706.745.4455 and ask about our realtime services.   We are now able to send a feed to your iPad through the use of ICVNet.   To learn more about ICVNet, go to
Our videographers are nationally certified to provide you the service you request.   Ask us about video synchronization which matches the video to the reporter’s transcript, which can be viewed side-by-side in split screen.  Our ability to synchronize the transcirpt to the video allows you to search video by key words just as you would a text document.  To learn more about our legal video services or to speak directly to one of our nationally certified videographers or to order legal video services, call 770.540.9832 or 706.781.5724.